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Linux Organizations

The Linux Foundation
Linux Phone Standards (LiPS) forum
The GNOME Foundation
CE Linux Forum (CELF)


Standards Organizations

World Wide Web (W3C) Consortium

Open Source Initiative

Open Mobile Alliance (OMA)

Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP)


Websites of Interest

The Complete Concise History of GNU/Linux

Linux Kernel Archives

SourceForge – Repository of Open Source code and applications

SlashDot – News for Nerds


Linux Today

Free Software Foundation

Linux Standard Base (LSB)

The Gnome Project

Eclipse (an open extensible IDE)

BlueZ (Open Source Bluetooth Stack)

YAFFS (Yet Another Flash File System)

Khronos (OpenGL ES, OpenMax, OpenML, Open VG)

Groklaw (Linux and open-source legal issues)

Open Source Risk Management